The EDM (electrical discharge machine) process is to the barrel of a firearm. This process is to reduce felt recoil and control muzzle jump and will not help or hinder your pattern. This process leaves absolutely smooth edges that will not interfere with the path of the shot load, nor heat the barrel. Porting near the muzzle end of the barrel allows a specific amount of the burning gases of the shot to be directed in a controlled manner to counteract the action of recoil. As the projectile passes the porting the redirected force exerted against the firearm canceling most of the lifting action. Great for shooters in either hunting situations or competition taking multiple shots. Porting allows quicker follow-up shots. Helps control shooter "upset" with modern high energy loads.

  • EDM Porting leaves no burs and no disrupting metal in anyway. Our unique porting geometry results in a sweet shooting shotgun.

EDM PORTING (Blued Barrel) $75

EDM PORTING (Camo Barrel) $95