TRIGGER WORK ( Excluding the Vinci and Super Vinci )

By reworking the trigger group on most popular auto loading and pump action shotguns the shooter will experience an increased sense of confidence. By eliminating or reducing the creep or travel, before the trigger releases the shooter gains better control over the timing of a shot. Also the anticipation and resulting flinching can be removed from the shooters technique.

Inertia driven guns can not have the creep or travel taken completely out for safety reasons in order to function properly.  The pull will be reduced to 3.5 - 4.25 lbs, with eliminating as much creep as possible.
Gas operated guns can have more of a clean, crisp trigger. The pull can be reduced to as little as 3.5 - 4 lbs.

*This only applies when applicable.  Due to the differences in every situation, this will be evaluated on a case by case basis.