Rob Roberts, owner of Rob Roberts Custom Gunworks located in Batesville, AR, has had a prosperous decade in the hunting and outdoors industry. Within this corporation they offer a full line shop on all the custom gun work for shotguns and are even able to build custom rifles. Being one of the only companies in the world that can perform all the work on a gun, including building a choke then proving its perfection by a computer analysis of the performance, Rob Roberts Custom Gunworks is known to receive great satisfaction back.

Early in life, Rob Roberts developed a passion for hunting and the outdoors. He spent many years shooting competitively, participating in different sporting clays, skeet, and trap.

Throughout these years, Roberts spent most of his time around some of the top shooters in the world and began working on their guns learning all the essential needs to get the optimum performance required to perform at the top level. Later on, Roberts started his own company with the knowledge and experience he obtained in the shooting world. He combined that knowledge with his passion to the outdoors and hunting aspect of his life.

In his premature business years, Roberts found a man capable of making a computerized pattern analysis machine in order to allow his corporation to pattern guns during a faster time frame. With this positive attribute, his shop could then take each individual gun and test with different loads and choke constrictions to find exactly what was needed for that gun to shoot accurately and with the analysis you could then prove precisely why it was needed. The most IMPORTANT feature of this new machine is just how factual it is, it cannot lie. When reading results you know exactly what will work for that gun and constriction, and what will not. With the different guns shot daily this corporation is able to determine what loads are consistent and which chokes pattern best with certain guns, etc.. The Rob Roberts Custom Gunworks team tests for every hunting season, whether its turkey, duck, dove, sporting clays, or trap shooting, they are able to determine the best choke/load combinations in order to get the best performance possible out of each gun. With such a great evolving setup happening within this business, Roberts received an offer to partner with Benelli Performance Shop guns, which he has been a part of ever since executing custom work on all waterfowl and turkey guns.GOALS AND VALUES

Goals and Values

We have a passion to produce the top products and accessories available. We do not believe in gimmicks or high pitch sales. We do not spend tons of money on advertising, because our best advertising is you! We want you using our products and the only way that you will is if they work. Our customer’s basically become family and stay with us and that is exactly what we want. There are too many gimmicks out there today whereas folks are spending good money on products that are highly advertised and profess to do things that in reality, does not happen. We are hunters here and we also pattern guns on almost daily routine. We are able to see what different guns love in choke tubes, loads, gunwork, etc. We believe that if you are going to hunt you need to kill with extreme force! To us, that is the part of being a sportsman. We want you to be a part of our family and hope to serve you in any way that we can.
Sincerely, Rob Roberts


Here at RRCGW we are here to serve your needs. Our staff is happy to help. We are folks that love what we are doing and have a passion for making sure that you have the best performance out of your weapon for when the time hits. We have no problems with sharing results of new loads, chokes, etc. that we are seeing from year to year. The knowledge that we receive from pattern testing guns on almost daily routine allows us to share helpful information with you for when the shot is all that is left to that perfect hunt opportunity. Feel free to give us a shout and let us be a part of your hunt.