In the world of "shotgunning", as we know it, there are no current standards set for us to go by so that we may determine whether or not a shotgun obtains consistent enough patterns to be a great gun. UNTIL NOW!

We at Rob Roberts Custom Gunworks have set "The Standard". We are able to determine whether or not a shotgun is performing at its utmost potential. By combining the expertise of our very qualified personnel and the state of the art engineering we were able to set the standard on what pattern is needed to be considered a great patterning gun. Shotgun pattern testing has entered the 21st Century with computerized analysis that eliminates the human factor with digital results. Data variables as important as shot size, choke constrictions and many other factors can now be tested scientifically.

  • The "Black Magic" of patterning a shotgun to effectively break targets, crush a turkey or be a great wing shooting gun is now a thing of the past.


  • T1 - 25 yards

  • T2 - 35 yards

  • T3 - 45 yards

  • Turkey chokes - 40 yards

Several different loads with different constrictions for both waterfowl and turkey loads are used during patterning.
All waterfowl guns are shot off the shoulder, therefore, the POI (point of impact) will not be the same for you as it is for us.  In order to find the true POI of your gun for you, shoot the gun 3 times with light loads at 27 yards on a large sheet of paper or cardboard.  The patterns you will receive with your gun patterned by RRCGW will be the choke/shell combo that performed the best ( WE ONLY PATTERN TEST WITH OUR BRAND OF CHOKES ) .
Guns with optics are sighted in during pattern testing.
Customers will need to shoot his or her gun upon return due to Shipping & Handling for correct POI.
Please allow 3-4 weeks for pattern testing.

PATTERNING SINGLE CHOKE $150 (Choke Not Included)
($50 for each additional)