With our background of shooting competition for countless years in Sporting Clays, Skeet and Trap, Rob Roberts Custom Gunworks has the ability and expertise to help you with any of your competition needs.

Let our staff help you get started in competition shooting or help you acquire that badly needed extra target to your score!

We recommend doing this work to every shotgun. For your money, this is the most cost effective thing to do to receive the best results in patterns and recoil reduction. The area in a shotgun barrel just in front of the chamber that directs the shot load into the bore is called the forcing cone. In most production shotguns this forcing cone is very short and at a very steep angle. We lengthen the forcing cone to 3 inches and and finish it with a mirror polish.     By lengthening the surface, several great things are acheived:
  • Velocity is increased by reducing the sudden friction encountered with a short forcing cone.
  • Felt recoil is reduced because the reduced friction allows the shot load to smoothly enter the shotgun bore.
  • Pellet deformation is dramatically reduced because the shock of suddenly constricting the shot load is eliminated.


In the world of "shotgunning", as we know it, there are no current standards set for us to go by so that we may determine whether or not a shotgun obtains consistent enough patterns to be a great gun. UNTIL NOW!

We at Rob Roberts Custom Gunworks have set "The Standard".
We are able to determine whether or not a shotgun is performing at its utmost potential. By combining the expertise of our very qualified personnel and the state of the art engineering we were able to set the standard on what pattern is needed to be considered a great patterning gun. Shotgun pattern testing has entered the 21st Century with computerized analysis that eliminates the human factor with digital results. Data variables as important as shot size, choke constrictions and many other factors can now be tested scientifically.

The "Black Magic" of patterning a shotgun to effectively break targets, crush a turkey or be a great wing shooting gun is now a thing of the past.


The EDM (electrical discharge machine) process is to the barrel of a firearm. This process is to reduce felt recoil and control muzzle jump and will not help or hinder your pattern. This process leaves absolutely smooth edges that will not interfere with the path of the shot load, nor heat the barrel. Porting near the muzzle end of the barrel allows a specific amount of the burning gases of the shot to be directed in a controlled manner to counteract the action of recoil. As the projectile passes the porting the redirected force exerted against the firearm canceling most of the lifting action. Great for shooters in either hunting situations or competition taking multiple shots. Porting allows quicker follow-up shots. Helps control shooter "upset" with modern high energy loads.

EDM Porting leaves no burs and no disrupting metal in anyway. Our unique porting geometry results in a sweet shooting shotgun.

EDM PORTING (Blued Barrel)     $75
EDM PORTING (Camo Barrel)     $95


These chokes are the product of years of product development, innovations and the highest
most advanced technology available. These chokes have been tested and analyzed to perform
consistently. This is guaranteed performance.

"TRIPLE THREAT #1" - Intended for close and quick work such as skeet, teal or quail.
Provides a wide but uniform pattern to cover fast moving targets.

"TRIPLE THREAT #2" - When you need a choke for shots at the mid range, such as
flooded timber mallards, dove and most sporting clays targets, and 16 yard trap, this
choke makes the grade.

"TRIPLE THREAT #3" - When you need to deliver a crushing shot at the edge of your
range this is the choke. High flyers and long trap targets are not safe from this choke.
Safe with steel, exotic non-toxics or lead shot!

Every choke tube we make is from 17-4 PH Stainless Steel. Machined with the most
state of the art equipment to tolerances above industry standard. Laser engraved for
ease of identification and a mark of pride you can count on for a lifetime.

TRIPLE THREAT CHOKE PAK (T1, T2 & T3)     $225

TRIPLE THREAT CHOKE T1, T2 or T3     $79.99

     Check-Out our complete line of chokes tubes.

By reworking the trigger group on most popular auto loading and pump action shotguns the shooter will experience an increased sense of confidence. By eliminating the creep, or travel, before the trigger releases the shooter gains better control over the timing of a shot. Also the anticipation and resulting flinching can be removed from the shooters technique.

This advantage will make shooting a much more pleasant experience.


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